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Welcome to my site! I’m a Professor of Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Texas at Arlington. I currently study U.S. and Latin American culture, with an emphasis on twentieth-century popular culture. In 2019, University of New Mexico Press will be publishing my book on Mexican Westerns in film, comics, and music. Current projects include articles and book chapters on Western comics, Latin American novels set in the Wild West, and Mexican film Westerns. My previous publications include ¬†Nineteenth-Century Spanish America: A Cultural History (Vanderbilt University Press, 2015) as well as scholarly articles on various subjects, such as the history of homosexuality in nineteenth-century Mexico, the relationship between painting and literature in Argentinian literature, and Venezuelan journalism during the War of Independence. I’m a collector of Mexican and Spanish comics, posters, lobby cards, advertisements, and pulps.

Please see the tabs/links in the upper right for more information about my books and articles. You can also take a peek at my Goodreads Author Page here, as well as my Goodreads reviews here. I also tweet sometimes @chrisconway1969.