I am currently writing in the fields of Comparative Literature and American Studies, specifically the representation of the American West in different kinds of literature and comics.


Click here for more info: Heroes of the Borderlands: The Western in Mexican Film, Comics, and Music (University of New Mexico Press in December of 2019). Here’s an interview with me about the book.

Click here for more info: The Comic Book Western: New Perspectives on a Global Genre, edited by Christopher Conway and Antoinette Sol (University of Nebraska Press, 2022).

The Western in the Global Literary Imagination, edited by Christopher Conway, Marek Paryz, and David Río. [Coming Soon]

Nineteenth-Century Spanish America: A Cultural History (Vanderbilt University Press, 2015)

The U.S.-Mexican War: A Binational Reader (Hackett Publishing, 2010). Edited by Christopher Conway, with translations by Gustavo Pellón

Peruvian Traditions by Ricardo Palma (Oxford University Press, 2003). Edited by Christopher Conway, translated by Helen Lane.

The Cult of Bolívar in Latin American Literature (University Press of Florida, 2004)

Bakhtin and the Nation (Bucknell University Press, 2000), Edited by San Diego Bakhtin Circle (Donald Wesling, Rhett Gambol, Laura Ruberto, Susan Kalter, Barry Brown, Christopher Conway).


[Book chapter] “Magical Realism, Postcolonialism, and the Western in Téa Obreht’s Inland” [In progress.]

[Book Chapter] “The Mexican Chili Western and Crisis Masculinity” in The Lost Cinema of Mexico, edited by Brian Price and Olivia Cosentino (forthcoming from University Press of Florida).

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Westerns Around the World: The Enduring Power of an American Myth” (UT Arlington Magazine, 2021)

Art and Advertising in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West by Michelle Delaney, University of Oklahoma Press, 2019. AC Review of Books, Vol. 1, No. 2. Entire issue PDF.

Bullets, Action, Death! Marketing The Magnificent Seven (1960) in Mexico (Fronteras: The Online Newsletter for the Center of Greater Southwestern Studies at UT Arlington, Spring 2020)


Here’s an abbreviated CV with a longer list of publications: Christopher Conway Web Vita December 10, 2019.