Nasielski 1938 Sketches (Spring of 2022)

These graphite & charcoal sketches are 8 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ and represent faces and scenes that appear in a 1938 film taken by an American tourist named David Kurtz in the Jewish quarter of the Polish village of Nasielski. Although the film is only a few minutes long it is a poignant testament to the humanity of a community on the brink of unspeakable horror. My maternal grandparents were Jewish who escaped Poland in 1939 with my mother. For these sketches, I wanted to dwell on some of the fleeing faces and moments in Kurtz’s video, which you can read about and watch here (there are 2-3 Kurtz clips on a slider). Kurtz’s film is also the subject of a new documentary: trailer here. My sketches were made in the Spring of 2022.

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